• Secure the following documents:
    1. Photocopy of Insurance Policy w/ O.R.
    2. Photocopy of Certificate of Registration with recent O.R.
    3. Photocopy of Driver's License with O.R.
    4. Original Police Report / Duly notarized Affidavit
    5. Original Pictures of damaged portion with Plate number
    6. Original Stencils of Chassis and Motor numbers
  • Call your dealership Insurance section for appointment

    The dealership will report your accident to your Insurer and will coordinate the schedule of your car's inspections.

  • Bring your car to the dealership on the scheduled date and proceed to Service Reception
  • Present your documents to the Service Advisor who will coordinate with your insurer as to the car's inspection and submission of documents. As necessary, your Service Advisor will make an Estimate of damage
  • Your insurer will process the claim. Upon approval, a letter of Authority to Repair (LOA) will be issued which will be the basis of repairs to be made on your car
  • Upon completion of repairs, your Service Advisor will call you for the release of you car. You will be billed for your Deductible Franchise and Betterments on parts based on your policy and LOA.
  • Your will be asked to sign in the Release of Claim and other pertinent documents.
  • For Carnap claim, additional requirements are:
    1. Voice alarm / Alarm Sheet
    2. Complaint Sheet
    3. Certificate of non-recovery
    4. Original OR & CR
    5. Keys
    6. Invoices
  • For Third Party claim, involving death, bodily injury or property damage, the Insurer will require the following, on addition to the Insured's basic documentary requirements:
    1. Bodily Injury / Death
      1. Medical Certificate
      2. Medical Reciepts
      3. Hospital bills, if Married
      4. Birth Certificate, if Minor
      5. Death Certificate, in case of death
    2. Property Damage
      1. Certificate of Claim
      2. Third party's basic documentary Requirements
  • The accident must be reported immediately to your insurer and required documents must be submitted as soon as possible.